Reiki Blessings

Reiki Healing through the hands encouraging Harmony for Mind, Body and Spirit

Reiki Blessings

My Journey with Reiki

Hello and a warm welcome, my name is Ann Dickson and I have had the great privelage of being a Reiki Master/Teacher for over 17 years, qualified and experienced in both Usui and Karuna Reiki, teaching courses in the UK, Spain and Germany

S5030636I am also a qualified HolisticTherapist trained since 2000 in many therapies including Aromatherapy, Reflexology, Therapeutic Massage and Accupresure. and to add to this I am also qualified in Clinical Hypnotherapy & Counselling and I’m a Professional Past life Regression Therapist .

I am a member of the following professional governing bodies, International Centre for Reiki Training, FHT, ICHT, ITEC .PLTA, MHS

All of the above qualifications and experience came as a result of My incredible journey with Reiki which started in 1998, up until then I was a retail manager and buyer who was deeply interested in healing therapies and spiritual and psychic studies, but as I had a young family I could never afford to take it to the next level, then through family tradgedy and loss I was sent in the direction of something that touched me at soul level, it helped to answer the many questions that I had about life and why we have to travel certain roads to learn lifes hardest lesson and thats when I found Reiki, I initially only wanted to learn Reiki in order to help myself and my family heal through some very tragic and difficult times, my intention was only ever to learn Reiki 1, however to my great surprise and delight it completely and unexpectedly changed my life.

My training took over two and a half years and was filled with many things that helped me view the world from a very different perspective, it had a very positive impact on my family and all my daughters who now are also Reiki practitioners of different levels,  it has helped us all in one way or another and its all been very positive, it has helped me to change and grow with every new experience and treatment, it has been a mixture of self discovery, self improvement and an expansion of a spiritual understanding that has opened my mind my heart and my soul to things I never knew even existed or were possible.

FLOWER 4It truly has been a journey filled with many surprises and since becoming a Reiki Teacher I have witnessed the same growth and expansion in my students, I have witnessed the same light shine from their eyes as Reiki works its magic, along with the benefits of giving the beautiful healing light of Reiki to others they also discover their strengths and a sense of self love and purpose.

I have taught Reiki over the last 17 years in Germany, Spain and here in the UK, I was an army wife for 22 years leaving the military life in 2008, the last 10 of those years were devoted to Teaching and Training people in the healing art of Reiki. I not only taught non military personel but I was instramental in helping to introduce it into military  personel and their  families, as a result I have many students who are soldiers, nurses, teachers among many other proffessions, it never ceases to amaze me how Reiki finds its way into the area’s in this world where it is needed most, my students are spread throughout many different countries and come from many different walks of life and I have learned a great deal from all of them, its through your students that you learn how to be a good teacher you grow and learn from each other, I have been blessed with many many lovely students, its been both a privelage and a pleasure to have been part of their journey and to have helped them along their Reiki path.