Reiki Blessings

Reiki Healing through the hands encouraging Harmony for Mind, Body and Spirit

Reiki Blessings

Reiki Training Courses 2019

All our Reiki Courses are held in a friendly relaxed informal atmosphere, filled with love and light  as well as energy, positivity, and lots of encouragement

 There is always time on our courses for individual attention and encouragement,  each course will include the initial attunement on day one plus techniques and training followed by  follow up sessions with case studies self treatments and a journey of self discovery, helping you to recognise how Reiki works with and for you as an individual,

each person will learn and experience Reiki in their own way so with lots of encouragement and ongoing support you will become confident in your understanding and knowledge of Reiki and therefore you will ultimately become a confident Reiki Practitioner.

 you can choose to learn as part of a group or you can choose to learn on your own, its up to you, the cost the content, the support and the encouragement are the same regardless. for  dates  and availability or any questions regarding training please contact Ann

Reiki Courses for 2019

For information on all course dates and availability please contact Ann via email