Reiki Blessings

Reiki Healing through the hands encouraging Harmony for Mind, Body and Spirit

Reiki Blessings

Usui Reiki Course information

dr-usui-beautifulReiki Courses at all levels from 1st Degree through to Master Teacher, the courses are held in a friendly relaxed informal atmosphere, they are energetic, positive, encouraging,filled with lots of love and light and there is always time for individual attention, after the initial attunement there are follow up sessions with lots of encouragement and ongoing support, you can choose to learn as part of a group or you can choose to learn on your own, its up to you, the cost the content, the support and the encouragement are the same regardless.

I am within easy reach of London and run courses in Frimley near Woking, Camberley and Guildford in Surrey, in the south of England, and other locations throughout the UK and Scotland, the courses are taught in all levels of Usui Reiki and Karuna Reiki, all the courses maintain the highest professional standards whilst being held in a relaxed friendly informal atmosphere, there is lots of encouragement to interact, to contribute, and to ask questions, to work on yourself and each other, helping you gain lots of confidence and ensuring regular use of Reiki therefore ensuring you become a compassionate confident Reiki Healer. The courses are held in groups or as stated above, you can have one to one tuition at no extra cost, I understand that your job and your family can be a big factor on time and dates so I do always try where possible to help you work round your job and family commitments.

All courses consist of the attunement day followed by another session at 21 days, combined with lots of practice and on going support, homework and case studies there is 3 more follow up sessions and a final summing up session for questions or the opportunity to go over anything the student is unsure of, in order to make sure the student is fully confident in giving Reiki.

Reiki level 1 is the first step on your Healing journey, during the course you will receive the first level attunement which will lift your vibration and align you with the Reiki energy, this will enable you to channel the Reiki energy for the benefit of yourself and others, you will learn to give a full body treatment with all the hand positions, you will learn the importance of self treatments and you will be taught how to carry out a short treatment in a chair that can be done anywhere, this treatment is particularly helpful for people who are elderly, disabled or pregnant or if you are just pressed for time, you will be taught some Japanese techniques and you will be made aware of the 21 day clearing process that works on the Chakra system, you will learn how to ground and protect yourself, how to cleanse and balance your energy system and how to use your senses more, you will recieve lots of encouragement and ongoing support and a journal to record your experiences, you will be encouraged to work on friends, family and pets and to learn about Reiki at your own pace and in your own way, its a beautiful experience so allow yourself to grow with and learn from the Reiki energy and enjoy it all.

buddha picThe second level is called Okuden and it means deeper knowledge, so after working with the Reiki 1 energy for at least 3 months, you can then move on to Reiki 2 and experience Reiki in a whole new way, at level 2 we work with Reiki symbols so you will be taught the symbols and how to use them, you will be taught methods and techniques that show you how to work with and use the energy distantly, how to heal people, places animals situations, and yourself on a much deeper level, your sensitivity may increase and your overall awareness may heighten, your vibration is lifted again to an even higher level and the energy you channel is finer and more powerful, altogether a completely different experience to Reiki 1 and enabling you to heal on a much stronger level.

The third level or Master level is again a whole different experience to the other 2 Reiki levels, the vibration is even higher and finer the energy is more powerful and the combination of all you have learned through Reiki to this point will be enhanced enormously.

The Master level
Master is a title that is a bit misleading in Reiki terms, for within Reiki you can never Master the Reiki energy, when you decide you want to work at Reiki master level then its about having the courage to let the energy master and teach you. Master level is broken down into Master Practitioner and Master Teacher, Master practitioner or Reiki 3 or Advanced Reiki Training ( ART ) is where you will work with and experience the powerful Master energy for at least 6 months.

If you then decide that the Master Teacher is the next step for you and you want to pass on all you have learned from Reiki to this point , then you will know with confidence and a pure heart that you have worked with and learned from the Master energy and are truly in a position to pass on your experience in the form of teaching.

If on the other hand you go from Reiki 2 straight to Master Teacher what can you honestly have to teach, if you haven’t worked with and learned from the Master energy for any length of time, how can you answer questions and give guidance at this level let alone teach it.

If you decide teaching Reiki is the way forward for you and you are committed and want to pass Reiki on to the best of your ability without compromising the Reiki standards and your own integrity, then this is the right way to go, you will have given Reiki the love and respect it deserves, the students that come to you to learn about Reiki will receive the best training possible and you will pass that knowledge, understanding, respect and love of Reiki on in your teachings and they in turn will do the same.